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January 2, 2009: Re-learning how to operate a website. :). My current writing work is described 'Current Projects'(see what I did there) and in the meantime I am busy looking for a day job. I got really involved with Amnesty International at Uni, so working for a human rights charity, say in a media or PR role would be amazing.

But....the economy. So, yeah.

Some day in February, 2009: It's not that easy remembering the date when you don't have a day job. Or day, for that matter. I had a lot of interviews and they all said the same thing: no thanks. When I phoned them up for feedback, they all said the same thing again: you didn't do anything wrong. We liked you. We just want someone with more experience. Come back when you've worked for someone else a while.

Am I the only one seeing the Catch-22 here?

I'm also reading a lot of the stuff I wanted to read in college and didn't have time to. I enjoyed 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time', but wasn't that impressed by Chuck Palanhuik's other one. Sorry about the spelling of his name. Sure that's wrong.

March 5, 2009: Decided to go for my MA in English. Either medieval or contemporary or a bit of both. Academy, I'm back!

March 27, 2009:I'm a lot happier now I have a plan to my life again. I like reading lists. The more I learn about literature the more I realise how profoundly ignorant I am, so I like people to direct my reading and tell me what goes with what and in what order. I'm getting really excited about the modules too. I want to take them ALLLLL!

In other news, met up with an old friend from high school, Andy, whilst in town with Kafine. I'd forgotten how hilarious he is and how much I missed his presencein my life. Hopefully we'll stay in better touch now. He's got a lovely flat in the bay, and a job, like a proper grown-up and everything. My lovely friends are coming over on Thursday which means I will be cooking - cooking is the only domestic thing I am good at - and we'll have a DVD night with the puppies. Oh, and I have broadband now, and am still rather in shock at at the enormousness of the internet and vast deep weirdness of the human species when allowed to hide behind screen names.

I didn't mean to type 'enormity', by the way. Enormity actually means evil, not magnitude.

A common error. :P